What does a language certification course involve?

Language certification courses are conducted by different countries as per their individual norms. Interpreters usually prefer to do the courses conducted by various colleges and institutes of their own countries. However, there are certain standard skills which are imparted to students during the course of this program. Some examples are:-

  • Memory retention and note taking skills
  • Ability to perform consecutive interpreting
  • Imparting problem solving and communication techniques to deal with the typical challenges of providing interpretation services
  • Teach simultaneous interpretation and whispered interpretation
  • Document translation

These courses typically integrate theory, principles and concepts with practical application and skills development. Their objective is to assist individuals in developing the introductory level competencies, skills, knowledge and attitudes- which are the pre-requisites of being a successful language interpreter. The courses are designed to benefit students who wish to begin a career in interpretation, as well as those already working as interpreters who wish to upgrade their skills and obtain a college degree.

Written by Ram Kesarwani.

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