In which fields are interpreters and translators in high demand?

Some of the avenues open to interpreters and translators are as follows:

1. Judiciary interpreters and translators are required to interpret and translate legal proceedings. They assist in interrogations and remove language barriers between investigating authorities and the accused. They play key roles in preliminary hearings, court proceedings. They are required to be well versed with legal procedures and legal terminology and colloquial language.

2. Medical interpreters and translators provide services to health care patients who face language barriers, in communicating properly with doctors and nurses. Translators assist in converting patient materials and medical brochures in to desired language. Both the interpreters and translators should have good command over both the languages as well as medical and colloquial terminology along with cultural sensitivity to help patients receive the information.

3. Sign-language interpreters facilitate communication between people who are deaf and people who can hear. Some interpreters specialize in oral interpreting for people who are deaf and adept at lip-reading instead of sign language. There are some special interpreters who specialize in tactile signing, which is interpreting for people who are blind as well as deaf by making manual signs into their hands, using cued speech, and signing exact English.

4. Conference Interpreters work at conferences that have non-English-speaking attendees. They assist in conducting conferences in an efficient manner.

5. Guides or escort interpreters accompany the foreign visitors and ensure that they are able to properly communicate during their stay. They act as ambassadors of that country and help in building good image for the country. They specialize in interpretation in a variety of subjects. Frequent travel for days and weeks at a stretch, is common.

6. Literary translators translate written literature from one language to another. They translate documents, books, articles, short stories etc. Sometimes these translators work with authors for real translation of their literary works.

Written by Ram Kesarwani.

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