Do THIS when you get home from your Russian class

Create a study zone

Be sure to create a dedicated study area – ideally away from the bedroom – in order to resist the lure of sleep.

Review at least what you have learnt before going to sleep

After your lesson, take the time to review any notes you made and construct sentences with the new vocabulary in context. By reviewing information soon after acquiring it, you’ll be better-placed to preserve the memory of the moment or context in which the word was learnt and considered appropriate.

When you’re studying, consistency is perhaps the most important thing and if for you that means taking regular breaks in order to prevent brain fatigue, do so. For those of you who experience a wave of fierce determination when studying Russian and can study until the point of exhaustion without respite, keep going because you’ll see the fastest progress when you’re in a position to make Russian your obsession.

Interact with your study buddies

The best way to maintain your motivation is to find others with the same desire to learn Russian. Join a language forum, or a study group, or perhaps even create your own study group, in order to benefit from a network of individuals who can not only relate to your struggle, but may also have the answers to any questions which may arise as you study and share indispensable resources. Opportunities will arise for you to help others studying a topic you conquered previously, thereby allowing you to reinforce that knowledge and keep it at the forefront of your mind.

Get enough sleep!

Get a good night’s sleep in order to allow your brain to process and preserve the new content more effectively.

For more tips and tricks, find out how to study Russian grammar here .

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