The Russian alphabet and pronunciation

I don’t think any website or Youtube channel on the net right now can outdo the beauty, clarity and simplicity of the comprehensive overview of the Russian alphabet available at

The website not only displays all of the letters of the alphabet, but also provides an animated clip for each letter to walk you through how to form them, a crisp audio clip so that you can clearly hear and reproduce each sound, a word in English with a sound approaching that of the Russian letter and a clearly identifies the vowels in the Russian alphabet.

My intention is not only to produce resources of my own, but also to share my knowledge of high-quality resources available on the Internet for beginners and advanced learners studying the Russian language. Therefore, rather than imitating their format, I would like to recommend that you head to their website and check out the article on the alphabet here instead as it is a fantastic resource. Once you feel comfortable with the sounds, you can move on to practising Russian cursive using their step-by-step guide with free printables here.

For a quick reference guide that won’t waste too much ink and which you can stick in your notebook, you can download and print the file below, created by Alexei Vanyashin.

A Russian cursive script printable is also available below.

For those seeking to wrap their head around Russian pronunciation rules and reduce their accent, look no further than this easy-to-follow guide from
Tip: CTRL + F “Hard And Soft Russian Sounds“, to land right in the part where the pronunciation rules are introduced.

If you would like to follow a Youtube video which provides examples of words beginning with each letter of the alphabet, take a look at the video from the Hack Your Russian channel below.

Don’t forget to check out reader-submitted samples of Russian cursive script here. Those who can write Cyrillic well are welcome to submit passages from the books of their favourite authors, poetry, song lyrics and more. If you would like to contribute, please provide a message via the Contact form here for further details.

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